03 December 2008

a confession:

i finished two books today. which, in itself, isn't terrible, until i consider how much painting i could have accomplished in the time that i spent reading, or how many dishes i could have washed or miles i could have run... and then i realize it's pretty bad.

also, autumn is fantastic. i can't shut up about how beautiful each and every leaf on each and every tree is. i've tried. ask bradley.


camille said...

green with envy.

carmen said...

I am envious as well, mostly because I haven't seen one autumn leaf. Except for when my friend's mother wrapped a few in press-n-seal and shipped them here for Thanksgiving. Otherwise, all I see is green.

Dave said...

Last week was the pinnacle of the autumn leaf watching season. Did you notice how red and orange a lot of the trees were? Now this week they're mostly gone.

That pink and blue autumn sky two days ago was breathtaking, though. Hopefully you got to see that.