04 December 2008

christmas shopping:

i'm pretty low on funds to spend on extravagant christmas gifts this year, but i love browsing around on the internet nonetheless, finding sweet, handmade, interesting gifts that i would give to my friends and family if i were financially capable of doing so. for instance:
also, i came across this website -- gosucculent.com -- where you can pick out beautiful, exotic succulents and cactuses and have them shipped to you!

know of any get-rich-quick schemes?


camille said...

oh dear! what lovely deer.

don't quote me on this, but i'm pretty sure you could make a killing in the drug business.

just a thought.

B. A. Kerl said...

yeah, but for me, crime just doesn't pay.

C said...

i just spent 50+ on christmas gifts on gosucculent.com. thanks whitneyyy. I'm keepin sum though.