20 August 2008

things that i noticed on my run this evening:

two tree trunks, intertwined;
an unnamed alleyway;
a cluster of hedge apples on a patch of bright green grass;
an old, discarded shoe-stretcher;
virgin mary figurines resting on a rusty window unit.

(if nothing else is working out for me right now, at least i'm feeling a bit healthier every day, and simultaneously memorizing the subtle details in the houses and the sidewalks and the trees of my new neighborhood.)


B. A. Kerl said...


'hedge apple' is a colloquial name.


camille said...

hmm. those apples look creepy.

i'm going to london for work, but i am staying for a few more days to explore!

i love running too. in fact, i am in the market for new running shoes. what do you wear?

monét said...

you should do this more.

carmen said...

Hello, Whit! I like your pictures and your almost note-like entries. Little reminders, almost, of experience. So nice.

Also, dripping water can make you insane. There's Chinese water torture, and I'm pretty sure there's a Death Cab song that relates to it as well. Can't quite remember.

Thanks to you and Bradford for keeping up with my blog so faithfullly. Love y'all!