18 August 2008

right now:

it's raining outside; there is a loud, irregular drip on the ledge outside of my living room window. also, there is a more constant sound of dripping coming from my kitchen, as my broken faucet leaks into a dirty pot in the sink.

the two sounds combined are making me feel crazy.


i'm currently reading 'the facts behind the helsinki roccamatios' by yann martel, which chronicles a young man's struggle with aids and his friend's struggle to distract him from his inevitable death.

coincidentally, this evening i came across leroy sievers' blog, 'my cancer', where the journalist documents his personal battle against the disease. he passed away a few days ago, and i'm reading it backwards. his entries are so striking and concise, about the little ways in which his life changes as cancer slowly takes over his body. so beautiful and sad.


Clint said...

I started to read Leroy's blog, but its really hard to do alone on a rainy day, maybe I'm just a cry baby but I'll have to save it for another day. Really sad and touching.

I really like the new picture. Who took? When I can see that new place, yo?

lauren ruth said...

I fell asleep with a slow drip exactly like that last night. It was on the roof of the apartment building across from mine. It was remarkably soothing.