02 March 2010

so i made a tumblr:

and it was probably an unwise decision, but i come across so many beautiful, inspiring things every day, and weheartit.com is so finicky and slow to process the images that i "heart," so tumblr seems to be a decent and more aesthetically pleasing alternative for compiling them. 
check it out here if you're interested.

(photograph by anna verlet, via we love you so.)


dahnya said...

Pardon my ignorance: what exactly is a tumblr?

A website where you can "collage" your favorite things? Um. Is it okay if I jump on your bandwagon? Because, lately that's all I can do! "Save image as" and then cataloged in my "favorite things" folder.

PS: What a lovely picture. The tree reminds me of the one featured on your blog, only this time it's the forest vs. the desert.

camille said...

cutting edge!

i am so glad that you are able to share your findings with us.

we need a visit, stat!