27 March 2010

hello, pollen:

today probably wasn't the best day for me to open up all of our windows and leave the house. i've returned to a thin layer of pollen coating everything here.

however, it was a perfect day for an early-morning interview, brunch with bradley, and a drive to giddings for pizza and ice cream and catch-up with bailey. the air is warm, the wildflowers are in bloom, and i'm pretty happy to be.

tomorrow, we're heading out to the hill country for a house-sitting gig. i'm considering it a vacation, an opportunity to clear my head and get some things done in quiet; looking forward to lots of reading, applying for jobs (round 2), long walks, cooking, sleeping with kitties, and (hopefully) a dip or two in the river. 

all of this will be followed by easter weekend at the beach with my family. looks like i'm getting a spring break (of sorts) after all. 


camille said...

fantastic. on all accounts!
enjoy the mini get-away(s).

p.s. pollen is a bitch!

dahnya said...

Swimming down the river. That sounds heavenly. I hope you got a chance to!