12 August 2009

bad luck or poor foresight:

this morning, my parents left with nearly all of my belongings -- excluding a lamp, a pair of antlers, some bedding, and a couple of changes of clothes -- and since then, i have desperately needed a handful of things that i left in their custody: some advil to ameliorate my agonizing menstrual cramps; a band-aide for my bloody knee, which i smacked into a door; the nail polish remover to take off the heinous polish on my toenails.

i very rarely need any of those products in my day-to-day life, so it must just be a little bit of bad luck. i guess i'll just make do until sunday.


monét said...

i'm sure friends have all of those things, whit!

camille said...

oh dear! it sounds as if you have quite a few ailments to deal with.

where are the parents & why, oh why do they have so many of your belongings?

good luck!