08 July 2009

what is up:

i've been back in the states for a week now, and it's been almost a month since i last updated, so i'm sure that the foremost question on your mind is, "what on earth has whitney been doing?" well, this is it:

1. keeping my body temperature regulated. it's much hotter outside here than it is in costa rica, and much cooler indoors. so i usually spend the heat of the day under a blanket in my house (where i read my book or make jewelry [i didn't make this, but i made one very similar to it] or catch up on the 1000+ blog entries in my google reader [eek!].)

2. cooking. i promise never to take my kitchen for granted again. i really missed the freedom to prepare my own food while i was gone, and bradley and i have been making up for it since i've been back. a few nights ago, i made gallo pinto, chimichurri, and sauteed fish (that my dad caught!), and it was absolutely delicious. i went to the denton farmer's market yesterday and got a handful of pickling cucumbers from a sweet, toothless old man, so homemade pickles are next on my list of things to make.

3. floating in the lake/getting drunk with friends. this is pretty self-explanitory; i missed out on a lot of both while i was away.

i hope to be much better at keeping this old thing updated from now on.

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monét said...

i cant wait to be near you, some day.