11 March 2009


cold? steady rain? i don't think i should have to leave my bed, let alone my house, on a day like today. i should just stay in and read and drink hot tea instead.


monét said...

mostly how i feel.

B. A. Kerl said...

typical of what i call "farting around." :P

camille said...

mmm, nobakov.
how is it?

oh, and what type of tea are you enjoying?!

needless to say, i am jealous. however--i am able to watch the gentle drizzle from the 9th floor of my office. that will have to suffice for now.

Jesse said...

Who is the eccentric narrator of Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire?
a. Humbert Humbert
b. Sebastian Knight
c. Charles Kinbote
d. Professor Pnin

please say humbert humbert

whitney said...

camille: i'm loving 'pale fire'... i definitely recommend it. and i enjoyed some choice organic english breakfast tea this morning. unfortunately, it was from a to-go mug on my walk to class. :(

jesse: c. charles kinbote. i'd be quite wrong if i said humbert humbert (although he's possibly even more eccentric than kinbote); i got my fill of him in 'lolita.'

camille said...

oh, humbert humbert.
what a character!