03 March 2009


my right glove. it must have fallen out of my backpack today, somewhere between home and campus.

these were my favorite pair of gloves. they fit well, they were a nice shade of green, they protected my hands from the wind when i rode my bike. i bought them in from a store in italy a few summers ago, and i was just thinking this morning about asking bailey or bradley to buy me a second pair while they are in europe this summer/fall. damn.

if you have any clues as to the location of my missing glove, please let me know. thanks.


camille said...

aww man!

i will be in paris in april--if that helps...let me know.

i also have a couple of friends who live in italy. if worse comes to worse.

good luck with your search. i'll keep my eyes peeled.

carmen said...

Tragic! I loved those gloves, too.

Marc said...

patti gloveless