18 March 2008


so i'm back from switzerland. it was a wonderful trip which, unfortunately, didn't get the travel-urge out of my system, but intensified the itch. i feel like i need to get going again already, before my backpack is completely unloaded. a road trip, anyone?

springtime happened while i was away, or at least began its infiltration, and new green leaves were a nice thing to come home to. i can't wait for warm (but not too warm), sunny days. and barton springs. and snow cones and suntans.

today in my memoir class, we workshopped a personal essay i wrote about my grandfather. i've been having anxiety attacks and nervous stomachaches in anticipation of this class session for three weeks. but i made it through with just a hot (and blushing) face and a shaky hand to reveal my unease. i received a lot of positive feedback, which was surprising, relieving, and flattering. one lady commented that i should publish. yeaaaah. anyway, i'm feeling a lot better now.



Bradley KERL said...

told you so, dummy!

monet said...

cant wait to see you.

camille said...


photos soon? i hope!