01 November 2007


lounging and listening to jazz while drinking wine and reading makes me feel better about being nerdy/living alone.

i need to do something creative or outrageous soon, or i might go crazy.

the marfa/west texas road trip was incredible. see pictures here or here, or watch a video here.

any suggestions for the next destination?


camille said...

if you wish to fly, i recommend: merida; yucatan, belgium; brussels, or new york, new york.

if you wish to drive, i recommend: san diego, arizona, or louisiana.

just suggestions.
hope to see you soon!

p.s. my roommate & i are planning to visit south korea & japan this summer...if you are interested.

Bradley KERL said...


darcy elizabeth said...

i second bradley.

Clint Butler said...

denton. you haven't seen sctm-03. from denton, sctm-03 will take us where we need to go.