20 April 2007

bird poop:

how do birds time their excretions so impeccably?

just a moment ago, on my bike-ride home from class, an enormous dollop of bird excrement landed, directly & cleanly, on my inner calf. instead of being grossed out, i am in awe of the precise simultaneity of this bird shitting from his branch & me pedaling beneath said branch. also, i am really happy that the huge dollop did not land in my hair.

happy four-twenty!


Bradley Kerl said...

HEY! you didn't tell me about this.

also, this happened to me once, except the poop landed on the very side of my shoe, instead of my knee. birds really are the best bombers around.


Clint Butler said...

one dollop landed above my lips and below my nose. It ran down to my lips and though I did not taste, it was certainly disgusting.

Birds, don't be such shitheads (OOOOH).