10 February 2007

on running/illness:

i love to run. it makes me feel very healthy & very satisfied. sometimes it is fun to do, especially when the weather is nice. although i haven't attempted to run very long distances as of yet, my ultimate goal is to be able to run a half marathon. some people are funny runners. i like to snicker at them a little bit, but then i think twice & realize that i probably look equally ridiculous, if not more so. i stop snickering.

i hate to be sick. i have been sick for practically two weeks with at least three separate illnesses. being sick makes me feel helpless (because i cannot do some things for myself), guilty (because i could potentially infect my roommates, boyfriend, classmates, or basically anyone whom i come in contact with, & also because i have to cancel plans), & lame (um, because i am fatigued & i go to bed ridiculously early every night, & also because my voice is gone & i sound like a monster).

hopefully the running that i have been doing daily will cancel out the sickness that i have contracted. like an equation that looks like this: (sickness)/(running) x (running)/(sickness) = 0

juice should factor into there somewhere, but i'm not a math major (& i haven't taken a class in years & years), so i don't know just how. whatever. anyway. i'm going now.

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